BusyCV – top-tier professionals review your CV, portfolio or a website for a fixed price. by Xevol

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Chances are, you don’t have five top-tier players in your circle to get some feedback. I was in a similar situation and I decided to use the premise in a practical and professional manner. To make it simple and a kind of a no-brainer I opted for a fixed price productized service.

The model is simple:

  1. You submit your CV, portfolio or provide a link to your website.
  2. You lay out your goals, vision and other business details so that reviewers know what you want and need.
  3. In a week from the submission date, five players of your industry will make a detailed review with both good and bad points.
  4. Reviews get published. Both sides win:
    1. You’ll be able to evaluate the feedback and make the proposed changes to reach your goals on combined expertise of 25 to 50 years from five professionals relevant to your activity.
    2. Reviewers will demonstrate their expertise and knowledge. Since reviews are public, they can share it with their following.

I want pros to review my CV, portfolio or a website.

If that so, please proceed to the submission form here. Answer questions in details without holding anything back. No one will judge you for wanting to improve. It’s definitely going to help and both sides’ some time.

I’m a pro with more than 5 years of experience under my belt. I want to review others’ work.

If that so, please proceed to the reviewers’ form here. You’ll need to tell us about yourself and prove that you are the best in your field. No compromises I’m afraid.

Is there any quality control in-place?.

Yes, there is. Every review’s minimum is set to 300 words. The word count is not that important of course but that minimum guarantees that you’ll get a few nuggets out of it.

Published Reviews

Reviews will end up here.

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by Kuanysh at Xevol.

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